Scatter Chart Features Overview

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Chart Features



Symbol View The default chart view. Choose from a range of different symbols. Any 100% scores are marked with a flashing alert!
Number View Number view is useful for larger group sizes (i.e. where frequencies are more than 18 students per percent).
Stem & Leaf Plot Conveys raw percentage data in a condensed format.
Heat Map Shaded comparison to demonstrate the concentrations of students. A dynamic flame marks the highest concentration.
Multiple classes can be "heat mapped" relative to one another
Grade View #1 *

Converts percentage scores to grades, giving the percentage grade breakdown and number of students for each, and displayed as a bar graph.

Grade View #2 *

Compare your school grades with another grading scale (e.g. NSW Board of Studies Bands). Displayed as bar graphs.

Grade View #3*

Grades displayed as one large pie /sector graph

Compound Bar Graph* For comparing grade distributions from various classes or subjects. Put cursor over the bar graph for percentage breakdowns and number of students.
Histogram / Box Plot & Statistical Table Calculates more than 20 statistical measures and plots both a colour coded histogram (marking quartiles) and box and whisker plot. Finishes with a detailed description of the statistics.
The statistics of multiple classes can be combined together
Rank Printouts For printing out student rankings to attach to assignments / tests etc.
Multiple classes can be ranked with each other.
Average Rank Individual students can calculate their average rank
Scatter Graph Produce a scatter graph of class results. Place cursor over the point to find its value. Multiple classes can be plotted onto the same graph (Example 2)
Line Graph Line graph of class results. Multiple classes can also be viewed in a line graph series.
File Attachments* Multiple assessment task filetypes may be uploaded and attached to your chart. The example page demonstrates an MS Word attachment. Click the icon to download the file.

Generator Features

Generator 1 Useful for small class sizes. Manually select the number of students for each percentage.
Generator 2

Generator 2 has a unique auto counter that automatically tallies your % data. This is a great time saving feature!

Grading Key*

School grading key for automatic grade calculations from percentage scores.


Automatically calculate percentages if your data is in mark format. This is built into the generators and is also available for download to the open source community.

File Uploads* Attach an assessment task file to your chart.

School Administrative Features

Export Data* Collate and export chart (or multiple chart) data in a csv file, that can be imported into applications such as MS Excel or Motorized Mark book.
Teacher Login* Teachers from registered schools qualify for an individual login where they can quickly view, edit, and delete their charts.
Powerful Search* Search charts according to keywords (e.g. subject name) or statistical ranges (median, mean, & standard deviation)
Powerful comparison* Compare chart data. Our custom built scripts can analyse data from a group of charts, and adjust the graphs to allow for clear comparisons. The best chart comparison views are Stem & Leaf, Compound Bar graphs, Rank, Stats, Heat Map and Line graph views.
Admin Login* School administrators / faculty heads / subject co-ordinators can login and do some powerful search and comparison tasks on their school charts.
Admin Login 2* School administrators can check their registered users and deactivate accounts when teachers leave a school and no longer qualify for membership.

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