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Calculate mean, median, mode, standard deviation, quartiles and more...
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51          OR

67 88 55 92.5 102 51    OR

67 88 55 92.5 102 51
67 88 55 92.5 102 51
67 88 55 92.5 102 51

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The latest version (Version 2) of Statistical Calculator has..
  • More statistical measures (including quartile calculations)
  • A graphical display of the data
  • Definitions of the statistical measures & comments on your data

    Background Information
    The script was originally designed to help teachers analyse their student marks.
    Many teachers keep marks in spreadsheets, but don't have the time or expertise to insert formulas to perform all the statistical calculations.
    Statistical calculator allows users to simply copy and paste their data, then calculate and print the statistics.
    It is useful, particulary for moderation purposes where many teachers teach the same subject across a year level & for feedback purposes to students and parents.
    Links to slightly modified versions of this calculator are here.