Grade Calculator

Calculate statistics on your grade distributiuons A+ to E-.
This tool is designed to help teachers analyse their student grades. It works by converting grades A+ to E- to a 15 point scale. The highest grade (A+) will be converted to "15" while the lowest grade (E-) will be converted to "1". It will then perform more than 20 statistical calculations based on this data.
Special thanks to Theo Clark (Humbug Online) for encouragement with this project

Enter number of grades
A- A A+
B- B B+
C- C C+
D- D D+
E- E E+


Data Entry
Either manually enter the tallies of your grades into the correct form field (left), or paste your data into the Auto Counter (right) and click "Tally Grades".
Your grade data should be UPPER case and separated by whitespace.
Example data entry...
C+ B A B+ B A+  OR
A+      OR
C+ B A B+ B- A+
E+ C C C+ C+ A+
D+ B B B+ B- A+

Auto Counter

Convert to upper case