Scatter Chart Trial Comparisons

Limited Trial: A cut down version of ScatterChart - free - unlimited time. (Limited Trial)
Full Trial : Full feature set of ScatterChart - free - 3 months only. (Free Trial Subscription)
Subscriber: Full feature set of ScatterChart - subscription - 12 month renewal. (School Subscription)

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Limited Trial

Full Trial


Save data to an online database. Data should be plain text. Required fields are 'assessment task', 'subject' and 'date' . HTML tags are not accepted. A maximum of 6 (generator 1) and 99 (generator 2) students for each percentage value is allowed. Limited trial users have a maximum of 6 and 9 respectively.
Use various symbols to represent student achievement The symbols are small and rather cute. Each symbol represents one student.
Convert chart to different views You can easily convert your default chart (landscape symbol view) to a variety of other styles and measures.
Inbuilt median, mean, standard deviation and class size calculator These are automatically calculated whenever you preview your chart.
Inbuilt "flashing alert" for 100% scores As a bit of fun, charts with perfect scores, have a brief flashing alert to draw attention to the 100% achievement box. (students love it ;-)
Auto-sorting and counting of data Percentage data can be automatically sorted and counted using Generator 2. The autocounter is compatible with most electronic markbooks and spreadsheets. This makes data entry seamless and saves significant time.
Customisation of charts   Charts display your school grading scale and school colours.
Convert percentage results into grade distributions   Percentages can be graphed to show grade distributions for your particular school. This allows students and parents to correlate % scores with levels of achievement.
Charts searchable from the homepage   The Unique Chart ID code is required for others (e.g. students, parents) to view your chart.
Data available for extended time   Saved data available for 3 calendar years. The trial database is reset every 24 hours at approximately 1am EST
Private Data   Full Trial users / Subscribers have a private member area. Charts made with the trial are available for others to view, edit or delete.
Encrypted Chart ID's   Full Trial users / Subscribers have charts encrypted with 6 character alpha-numeric ID's.
Encrypted Data   Full Trial users / Subscribers login panel is encrypted with 256 bit SSL security.
Chart Stats   Full Trial users / Subscribers can view their chart viewing statistics (e.g. page 'hits', time of visits, IP addresses, screen resolution and file download counts).
Make unlimited charts   The limited trial allows a maximum of 4 charts to be made at any one time.
Advertisement Free Charts   The limited trial version is supported by Google Adsense and charts branded as "Trial".
An administrative login panel.   School administrators and subject co-ordinators can login to view their school's charts, collate charts and manage school members.
Upload assessment task file to attach to the ScatterChart  
(Subscriptions only)
Upload a file (e.g. MS Word, Excel, & Powerpoint documents) to attach to your chart. If you have more than one file to attach, combine them into a single "zip" file (e.g. using winzip) and upload that. The maximum file size is 2Mb.

Last Updated February 2008