Scatter Chart Uses Overview

Scatter Chart helps teachers of all teaching backgrounds to graph, statistically analyse, and share their student results. It is a simple to use but sophisticated online tool useful for assessment, ranking, moderation and reporting purposes. It is compatible with most electronic markbook and spreadsheet programs. Essentially, ScatterChart is a customisable, online learning management system.

    1. Assessment

  • Providing assessment task details (Marks, Weighting, Due Date etc can be viewed prior to the task being completed)
  • As a file downloader-so that copies of an assessment tasks (e.g. MS Word document) may be downloaded at any time

    2. Marking & Moderation

  • As a moderation tool (e.g. for assessment with multiple teachers teaching the same subject across a year level).
  • As a statistical calculator (e.g. to calculate median, mean and standard deviation, grade distributions) to help teachers analyse their student's results.
  • As a way for co-ordinators to monitor student results across multiple classes/subjects.

    3. Student Feedback

  • To give consistent meaningful feedback to students in an accessible format
  • To print individual student rankings to attach to assessment tasks
  • To fulfil assessment authority requirements (e.g. NSW Board of Studies)**

    4. Reporting

  • To inform parents via email of student performance after assessment tasks have been graded.
  • As a graphical display of student performance for Parent / Teacher interviews.
  • To show student rankings and positions within bands/standards (e.g. NSW BOS Bands)
  • To fulfil assessment authority requirements (e.g. NSW Board of Studies)**

    Example Use

  • You can make a ScatterChart prior to student results being graphed. Just fill in the assessment task details and due date, attach a copy of the task, and enter no percentage scores. Students could visit the incomplete chart to view the details of the task or download a copy of the assessment task. Then when the task is marked, you would login to edit your chart and just update the percentage scores section.

    ** Part of this procedure required by the NSW Board of Studies is for schools to provide clear feedback to students on their performance in assessment tasks, including the student's relative position within the school group.